Working hours are from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 - 22:00

*15 minutes consultation

New Patients

We go above and beyond to provide patients with a calming, relaxing and supportive environment.

What to expect during your first visit?

All new patients usually receive a full consultation, examination, advice and a plan according to their needs and wishes, and budget.

If this is your first visit to the clinic please free your schedule to give yourself plenty of time. You will spend at least 15 min consulting the doctor directly or you may have a pre consultation with one of the assistance. After the initial consultation local anesthetic cream or injectable anesthesia may be applied depending on the area to be injected which will also take about 15 min, and finally the injection itself which my take another 15 min. 

All patients visiting the clinic and whom are in need of other services that Dr. Sami does not currently provide such as dermatology consultations, skin care, laser treatments, or chemical peels will be promptly referred to one of the clinics trusted doctors.

Dr. Sami is available Saturday to Thursday by appointment only. To book an appointment please click here or chat with one of our secretaries using the bottom right side chat box or contact us on 050-323-6363.
New Patient First Visit:
  • The patient's request is looked into. Primary facial assessment is done. Attention-calling issues are categorized. Recommendations are given according to procedure priority. Local numbing cream is then applied to area of injection. A consent paper is signed. The cream is removed after 2 minutes and area is disinfected. Treatment is done according to an agreed-on plan. Post injection instructions are given. Follow up appointment is given according to the procedure from 10 days to 1 month.
New Patient Second Visit:
  • Dr. Sami will review with the patient what they have done in the last visit. He will review the results with the patient, and may recommend a touch up if required. If minor adjustments are needed then the same process as the initial injection process will be repeated. If no treatment is needed, then the patient will be given recommendations to what further procedures can be done or her current treatment should be repeated.
Experience a calming environment, personalized assessment, and recommendations for your aesthetic goals after your first visit with Dr. Sami Sawan.

Our Team

Our team is committed to giving you a positive experience every time you visit our practice. Please rest assured that we provide ample time for your first appointment, making sure that we can get to know you and your aesthetic goals.
We aspire to become your number one injectable treatments' choice. Providing the ultimate care that our patients deserve in a space specifically designed to build lasting relationships in one of our key services that we insist on maintaining.

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Meet Dr. Sami Sawan, the top cosmetic doctor in Jeddah. Safe, effective treatments for natural results. Trust Dr. Sami.
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Meet Dr. Sami Sawan, the top cosmetic doctor in Jeddah. Safe, effective treatments for natural results. Trust Dr. Sami.

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