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Only three Women Beauty Standards are agreed upon Worldwide

Shiny hair, clear skin, and a cinched waist are the only three agreed upon beauty standards for women worldwide, according to Dr. Alaa Arif a consultant dermatologist. However, other beauty standards tend to differ from one culture to another and even over time she said. She said that media plays a major role in changing the beauty standards. Among the new trends in beauty are women who prefer to look healthy. Dr. Arif said women tend to do so by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and exercising.

First Aesthetic Medical Congress for Beauty in Saudi Arabia

First Aesthetic Medical Congress for Beauty in Saudi Arabia

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, the aesthetic medical congress for beauty injections will be held in Jeddah at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for two consecutive days on Feb. 7-8 from 9 am to 7 pm, in the presence of big number of well-known cosmetic dermatologist in the Middle East such as Dr. Hisham Jamjoum, Dr. Ashraf Badawi, Dr. Jehan Abdelkader, Dr. Mohamed El-Sufyani, Dr. Hassan kaldari, Dr. Riad El-Boukmi, Dr. Shady Zare’, and others, along with some of the international doctors coming from the United States, Germany and France to present the latest studies and research on cosmetic injections, their pros and cons, and of course the recent beauty revolution trends. In addition, Dr. Faten Zabin will be participating in the conference, to talk about the psychology behind the Filler.

The Liquid Facelift: Beauty without the Blade

The Liquid Facelift: Beauty without the Blade

What makes liquid facelifts more appealing — especially when comparing it to other surgical procedures — is that the procedure is custom designed to treat individual areas, the downtime is minimal and no incisions or general anesthesia are required, making it an outpatient procedure with speedy recovery. Furthermore, the cost is considerably lower and results are immediately visible and even reversible.Arab News spoke to Dr. Sami Sawan, a Derma-cosmetic consultant at Jeddah’s IMC hospital, to answer some frequently asked questions on the non-surgical facelift.

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