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Shiny hair, clear skin, and a cinched waist are the only three agreed upon beauty standards for women worldwide, according to Dr. Alaa Arif a consultant dermatologist. However, other beauty standards tend to differ from one culture to another and even over time she said. She said that media plays a major role in changing the beauty standards. Among the new trends in beauty are women who prefer to look healthy. Dr. Arif said women tend to do so by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and exercising.

Women tend to go nowadays for non-surgical treatments such as the laser, fillers as well as a rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. In some cases they also go for liposuctions.

It is not just women who approach dermatology clinics now but also men. It is estimated that 30% of men go to these clinics and they ask for fillers, nose jobs, removing rickets, clear skin, and breast removal. Dr.Arif said men want to look younger to boost both their professional and social life.

Around 300 dermatologists took part at Jeddah Injection Boot Camp the first of its kind in the Kingdom organized on the 7th and 8th of February 2018. Dr.Sami Sawan the organizer of the conference said: “The conference specializes in fillers and Botox and aims to give scientific lectures and number of workshops to introduce safe injections and inform practitioners about new practices.”

One of the special sessions was devoted to dealing with side effects. The conference also introduced live demonstrations and hand-on experiences to assure a future generation of knowledgeable physicians and safe practices.


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