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Saudi men opting for Plastic Surgeries - Best Doctor Sami Sawan

MADINAH – Plastic surgeries among men have increased dramatically for the reasons of the looks, Al-Madina daily reported. Plastic surgeons say there is 30% increase in these surgeries among men, with the Kingdom ranking second in the region in terms of having the largest number of plastic surgeons at 230.

Dr. Sami Sawan, plastic surgery consultant, said most men want bigger jaw and tend to pay money for such plastic surgeries. The Saudi society has become more accepting of men’s plastic surgeries. “I do not encourage plastic surgeries that aim to make a man look like a woman,” he noted.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Sofiyani, a plastic surgery consultant, said he does not perform surgeries on men who want to look like women but he is okay with liposuction and hair transplant surgeries.

“Many people believe that skin sags again after the effect of plastic material wears off. This is not true. In fact, this material has a lasting effect and needs minor fixing every now and then, especially when a person grows older,” Al-Sofiyani explained.

Another misconception is that many people think that Saudis account for the largest percentage of men who undergo plastic surgeries in the world. This is not true. American and Brazilian men undergo plastic surgeries more than others around the world. Lebanon and the UAE rank first in terms of plastic surgeries performed on men. Egypt ranks first in the Arab World and 19th internationally in terms of the number of plastic surgeons.

He said men in the Gulf region undergo the following plastic surgeries: augmentation of the mandible, liposuction, hair removal by laser, rhinoplasty, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue). South Korea comes first in terms of the largest number of liposuction and rhinoplasty, Greece in terms of breast enlargement, Italy in terms of Botox and liposuction, Colombia in terms of liposuction, Taiwan in terms of Botox and wrinkle removal and Brazil in terms of breast enlargement and liposuction.


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