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First Aesthetic Medical Congress for Beauty in Saudi Arabia.

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, the aesthetic medical congress for beauty injections will be held in Jeddah at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel for two consecutive days on Feb. 7-8 from 9 am to 7 pm, in the presence of big number of well-known cosmetic dermatologist in the Middle East such as Dr. Hisham Jamjoum, Dr. Ashraf Badawi, Dr. Jehan Abdelkader, Dr. Mohamed El-Sufyani, Dr. Hassan kaldari, Dr. Riad El-Boukmi, Dr. Shady Zare’, and others, along with some of the international doctors coming from the United States, Germany and France to present the latest studies and research on cosmetic injections, their pros and cons, and of course the recent beauty revolution trends. In addition, Dr. Faten Zabin will be participating in the conference, to talk about the psychology behind the Filler.

"We cosmetic dermatologist, need from time to time, to attend such conferences, which are usually held and organized in Europe and the United States of America," says Dr. Sami Sawan, dermatologist and aesthetic specialist, and the organizer of the conference. Then he adds “That’s why we thought of organizing a specialty congress here holding the same concept, attracting the well-known named consultants, and specialties from all around the world inviting them to come to Saudi Arabia, to prove to the world that our country embraces numerous famous names in the world of aesthetic medicine.

This is the first cosmetic conference specialized in aesthetic injections such as Fillers and Botox, where we will provide scientific and medical lectures useful to everyone. Dr. Sawan added: "For the workshops, we will be discussing the fundamentals of safe injection of the aesthetic needles, which should meet the four basic conditions; face analysis to, find the most suitable injection places to highlight the features of the face, choosing the safest injection materials suitable for each part of the face, educating the doctors about the basic and the most progressive techniques of injection aiming to achieve a natural and beautiful result at the same time, dealing with the side effects that may can happen. The goal of the workshop is not to teach doctors the injection method itself, but it is more of teaching them how to select the most suitable injection methods to them, that’s provide the safest and the most natural results.

Dr. Alaa Aref, aesthetic dermatologist consultant, said ”the conference will add a lot of important information to the doctors who have registered, there will be lectures, medical discussions, and workshops also, to train and advise the doctors on how to inject the Filler and Botox. It is very important for the doctors to learn, the correct and the safe ways to use the filler and Botox injections. Then she adds: “I will also talk about the beauty standards in different countries and how have they changed along the time." — SG


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