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Dr. Sami Sawan

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Meet Dr. Sami Sawan, the top cosmetic doctor in Jeddah. Safe, effective treatments for natural results. Trust Dr. Sami.

Meet Dr. Sami Sawan

Dr. Sami Sawan is a graduate of the French board of dermatology, Paris, 2010. He was appointed as Head of Dermatology Section at the prestigious International Medical Center (IMC), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During this time he was also appointed as an official trainer for Teoxan and for Merz Aesthetics.

In 2015 Dr. Sami resigned from his position at the IMC and decided to dedicate more time to what he enjoys the most. So he opened Clay Clinic with Dr. Walid Ashkar and Dr. Motaz Dairi where he is currently the Medical Director and sees his clients exclusively for injectable treatments.

During his career Dr. Sami has established himself as one of the top injectors in the kingdom. He has been a tutor and a role model for many physicians, a reference for complications, and has given more the 300 workshops on injectables.

In 2017 he decided to begin a new training concept for physicians interested in the field of injectables, they created the Injection Boot Camp, which is a congress dedicated to teaching correct and safe injection techniques.

With this idea they expanded the concept to include different parts of the Kingdom and the Gulf partnering with multiple international societies.

Technologies We Use


Fillers in their new form of Hyaluronic acid have been around for at least 15 years, they have proven to be very safe and reliable. Chemical modifications are introduced on theses fillers to make them even more safe and last longer. illers are divided according to their particle size and bonding between these molecules, and your doctor can choose the correct type of filler according to your prefrence, your needs, and the area to be injected. All modern fillers dissolve over time or in case of emergency or other instances they can be dissolved using a substance called hyaluronidase.
Botox is a very potent toxin that is diluted according to the indication and need. It is the new miracle drug, its was discovered by chance about 40 years ago, and now we are still discovering new uses for the drug, and apart from new uses we are modifying how we use it for cosmetic patients to give more natural results. It usually lasts from three to five months, with newer types coming soon into the Saudi market that will be more potent and last longer.

Achievements Till Now:

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Dr. Sami Sawan, Jeddah's top cosmetic doctor. Natural enhancements tailored for you. Schedule your appointment now.

Dr. Sami as a Guest Speaker

  • Riyadh Injection Boot Camp at a glance: Lower face injections (2019)
  • Jeddah Injection Boot Camp II: Scar injection Workshop (2019)
  • Merz Expert Summit: Dubai injecting the young population (2018)
  • Merz Expert Summit: Dubai Texas injections (2018)
  • Lips Injection Boot Camp: Different types of lips (2018)
  • Emirates Injection Boot Camp: The red flaged patient (2018)
  • Jeddah Injection Boot Camp for Beginners: Types of fillers (2018)
  • Jeddah Injection Boot Camp: Midface fillers (2018)
  • Sharm Derma: Cairo Arabian Faces (2017)
  • Merz Expert Summit: Oman the Arabian Beauty (2017)
  • IMC family: Medicine symposium complications of fillers (2016)
  • IMC family: Medicine symposium Dermatology for non Dermatologist (2014) 
  • Jeddah Derm: Radiase for Hand rejuvenation (2013)
  • IMCAS Paris: Novel teqnique for suture fixation (2010)

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Meet Dr. Sami Sawan, the top cosmetic doctor in Jeddah. Safe, effective treatments for natural results. Trust Dr. Sami.
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Meet Dr. Sami Sawan, the top cosmetic doctor in Jeddah. Safe, effective treatments for natural results. Trust Dr. Sami.

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